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Dell Precision T3500 Tower Workstation(Intel Core XEON-W3550 up to 3.33GHz, 12GB RAM, 256GB SSD+500GB HDD, Windows 10 Pro) Grade A – Refurbished

Dell Precision T3500 Tower High Performance Business Desktop

Affordable power and performance
Your work isn’t entry level, so why consider a workstation that delivers anything less than advanced levels of performance
With the Dell Precision T3500, you don’t have to Experience the power, scalability and reliability you have been dreaming about with a system that’s specifically designed for professionals as demanding as their complex applications.

The Dell Precision T3500 workstation is a productivity machine with a choice of lightning-fast 64-bit dual-, quad- or 6-core Intel Xeon processors, impressive graphics and exceptional memory capacity that work together in a flexible and innovative compact chassis to deliver performance, scalability and flexibility


Dell Precision T3500

Affordable power and performance

To provide you with exceptional flexibility and scalability, the Dell Precision T3500 comes with your choice of dual-, quad- or 6-core Intel Xeon processors. The Dell Precision T3500 builds upon the revolutionary Intel Xeon processor 5600 series micro architecture to bring you a workstation with an excellent blend of relevant technologies. What’s the difference Advanced features that combine to deliver a computing experience thats incredibly rich, incredibly powerful and incredibly fast.

 Next-generation 32nm quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5600 series ignites stunning levels of performance unleashed by Intel Quick Path Interconnect Technology that provides high-speed interconnects per independent processing core
 Outstanding performance for memory-intensive applications delivered with the help of processor-dedicated three channel memory architecture, multi-level shared cache and high-speed point-to-point interconnects
 Memory scalability up to 24GB with DDR3 ECC DIMMs
 Dual-native PCIe x16 Gen 2 graphics slots for outstanding graphics performance, cost-effective quad-monitor support and GPU-based personal super computing
 Designed to deliver increased performance for single and multi-threaded applications with advanced engineering and thermal design enabling extended use of Intel Turbo Boost Technology

Visual realism with high-performance OpenGL graphics

Bring your graphics to the next level with our intelligent selection of ISV-certified3, workstation-class graphics cards. Our ultra-highend graphic solutions deliver outstanding visualization capabilities for whatever application you are running. Enhanced graphics are required whether you work in computer-aided design,
architecture, engineering or digital content creation. Dell Precision workstations provide superb OpenGL 3D performance or dependable and affordable 2D performance to help make you successful in your designs, animation modeling, software development or whatever else you use your workstation to create.

Outstanding scalability in a compact chassis

In today’s professional world of engineering, software development and digital content creation, you need precision to be successful. We customize each and every Dell Precision workstation to help provide you with exceptional performance and scalability. Whatever your needs  dual-core or quad-core, ECC or non-ECC memory, flexible dual-orientation chassis  the Dell Precision T3500 provides a highly scalable architecture that delivers outstanding speed and reliability to the cost-conscious professional.
Imagine having the freedom to work the way you’ve always wanted. With Dell Precision, you can. Plus, with ISV application certifications, you know your system is performance tuned to help ensure that your applications will run smoothly.

Peace of mind through ISV application certification

Dell partners with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to certify system and application compatibility to help ensure flawless compatibility and optimized performance in demanding workstation environments. And to ensure access to the latest productivity-enhancing technology solutions, Dell invests in the workstation ISV community by providing the hardware platforms needed to further multi-threaded application development.
By maintaining strong relationships with software developers, Dell engineers can provide you with ongoing optimization and support should you need it.

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